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For virtually every US corporation that still offers retiree medical benefits, and not many are left, there's no reason to declare bankruptcy in order to terminate those benefits. It's simply a matter of announcing same. No further obligation to current retirees or those now on the payroll. None.

The only reason Kodak had to ask permission is that, in Chapter 11, it needs permission from the court for everything. In normal circumstances, this would have been a routine communication to those affected -- benefits gone. There's no legal precedent involved.
Your'e right Sal. Notice that I did not use the word "legal" when I wrote "precedent". That was intentional but I guess it is natural to put them together. My concern of hte precedent is that my company, as an example, has not had the balls to renege omn the promise of retiree medical coverage and survivor benefits. My fear is that this will give them the courage to do so... bankruptcy or not, and legal precedent or not.

I love my job, need my job, and have great respect for my employer... but some of the tactics "required" to survive the tough economy are gatting brutal to us worker bees.