That's why unions exist (whether you admire them or not). Here is Calif, Brad, there's a dramatic difference in standard of living and of overall community finances right at the union/nonunion divide, which is largely the geographical divide between the Bay Area and Central Valley. Here the economy is relatively strong for a number of reasons including a better sustained payscale, while over the hill it still looks like the Great Depression in places. Glad you are able to work in a field where you can choose to live where you want; but many cannot. But things are getting ugly everywhere in terms of
trying to pluck the last feathers off the middle class. I'd classify just plain ole greed as the number one factor. But when the the parasite gets as big as its host, they both die. That's what happened
with all the sub-prime mortgage scams and big sprawl developers behind them. In the long run, tapeworms aren't all that smart!