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I'm usually an index finger person, unless I'm using the Technika with the grip that has a thumb release--

Sort of off topic, but...

My Tech IV has the 'ergonomic' grip on it. In the past most of my 4x5's have been Speed Graphics with just a side handle, so that's what I'm used to. I've noticed that while the Linhof grip is something nice to hold onto I find that because of how far out I'm holding it (the grip is about 3" further out than the side of the camera) that it tends to act as a lever, and make an already heavy camera feel even heavier! I rarely use a cable release in the grip, instead I connect it to the bed of the camera next to the focusing knob, so I just bought a used standard hand strap for my IV, and while I'm waiting for it to arrive, I've removed the grip, and attached a leather strap in much the same way as the Linhof hand strap is going to mount, and right away the camera feels much lighter, and seems easier to handle.

Have you ever used your Tech handheld without the ergo grip? If so, what are your thoughts on it?