Hello all,
If any of you can furnish me with instructions for the use of the above flash with an Olympus OM-10, I shall be very grateful.
I have been doing available light B&W photography for well over 40 years with rather vintage 120 and 35 mm cameras, an old OM10 being my favourite shooting companion.
Recently I was given the above flash of comparable age, and in order not to spurn the gift I should at least give it a try. It came, however, without any instructions; I was only told that it had sat on top of another OM-10.
In short: how do I use the flash? In particular, what setting should I choose on the vertical slider to the left in the attached picture of the back of the flash? I would rather not have to worry about guide numbers and inverse-square law calculations, so I am hoping there is a simple way to make the camera automatics take care of these things; will setting the exposure selector to AUTO achieve that?
The OM-10 instruction booklet has nothing to offer on using non-dedicated flashes, and I have searched the internet in vain for information about the OT220-S.
I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I'm new to this forum (and very happy to have found it!), so please bear with my inadequacies (linguistic and other). I hope this is the right forum.
Best regards,
Michael L.