I dunno if I want to build another drum processor. Gotta change a gearmotor in my 30X40 soon, so
thought about building a 40X60" unit. Of course I could simply install a 50" Kreonite roller processor,
but the more techie something is, the more that can go wrong, and I'm not terribly excited about
replenishment systems with pumps and circuit boards, and difficulty finding spare parts. The bigger
they get the better the temp control and insulation needs to be. This is for color paper of course.
The Jobo system has always been a little underbuilt, but it's been available and otherwise generally
reliable. And the new gear isn't really all that expensive if you extrapolate what the old gear once cost relative to inflation. With do-it-yourself you can in fact build something a lot nice for personal
use at modest rates which would be impossible for a reseller of multiple units, esp if patents are involved.