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I read lots of talks about the difficulty to load film on those plastic reels when the reels are not absolutely dry. I am wondering if this is also true for jobo reels?

On the other hand, I have used stainless steel reels all the time when I hand-developed my black and white films, and felt very comfortable of using them.
I always heard the same thing. I've never tried to load them wet.

I think it's really what you get used to. I tried using SS reels for a while and never managed to load even one roll of 36x entirely onto the reel. Hell, I couldn't even manage it with the lights on. And yes, it's possible the reel was bad but I doubt it. It was brand new and shorter loads fit fine but there just wasn't enough reel for the film. Even loading shorter rolls lights out was problematical for me. I could usually manage it but often with much cussing.

I started with plastic so moving to the SS ones seemed backwards from the start.

I have to repeat though that I find the Jobo reels the easiest to load of any I've used, whatever the material. Oddly enough the smaller 1500 reels seem easier to load to me than the 2500, but both are easy enough it's a no-brainer. Moving to 120 took some getting used to in order to not crimp the film while dealing with the curl in the dark, but a sacrificed roll of Arista EDU Ultra with the lights on fixed that.

I use the loader base for the 4x5 reels and it's even easier than 35mm. I know some people load those reels without the loader base and I'm sure it's possible (I can do it ok with the lights on) but the loader base makes it extremely easy.