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Ron... was that strictly an NDA, or an employment contract? I've seen hundreds of NDAs but never one that specified compnay obligations... other than their obligation to prosecute if the NDA is violated. Most people, as I understand it, are "at will" employees and only the senior managers have employment contracts. At least that's the way it is in my field.
I used the words "valuable consideration". That was all that was specified. At that time, I was handed a group of booklets and an employees handbook which detailed the valuable consideration. The wording of the "contract" or the contract and NDA was very vague. I never implied anything more than that. The handbooks and notebooks of information contained everything which made it non binding. In fact, as I said, it varied quite a bit over the years and we got nearly yearly updates on this. I have many of these, some of which were entitled "You and Kodak".

Fred, Mark and I are still trying to work out a date. He is very busy next week so it will probably be the week after.