I went to see this today. It's a very nice collection. 74 photographs -- I've listed the names below. A few of the prints really lept out at me, particularly the abstracts. The photos are exhibited fairly well, but I was distracted by lighting glare at times.

I understand that all of the prints are from the sole collector that bought B. Weston's whole collection years back. Prices range from $4,000 to $20,000, with most in the $6,000-$8,000 range. Photos from his San Francisco series are priced at the high end of the range. I'm no collector, but some of the prints seem to offer a compelling investment case.

Go see the show if you can. Who knows when they'll be back on the East Coast. I'll be going again this week or next for sure.

All the best,

Staircase and Buildings, NY, 1945
47th Street, 1945
Brooklyn Bridge, NY, 1946
Church, Brooklyn Outskirts, 1946
Buildings and Street, 1944
Windows and Cart, NY, 1943
Doorway, NY, 1943
Building and Ivy, NY, 1943
Sutton Place, NY, 1946
Manhattan Courtyard, NY, 1945
Ivy on Wall, NY, 1945
Building and Fence, Europe, 1968
Weeping Willow, California, 1939
Cypress, Point Lobos, 1938
Cactus, 1934
Cactus, 1934
Stairway and Broom, NY 1945
Midtown, NY 1944
Air Vents, NY, 1943
Broken Car Window, 1937
Mud Cracks, 1956
Ice and Water, High Sierra, 1958
Rock and Pebbles, 1939
Ice, Rocks and Reeds, 1954
Rock Formation, Point Lobos 1953
Water Drops, 1953
Paint, 1957
Black Window, Mariposa, California, 1950
Clouds, Owen Valley, 1968
Glacial Silt, Alaska, 1973
Truck Window, 1937
Hubcaps, 1940
Powerlines, San Francisco, 1937
Clouds and Rooftops, San Francisco, 1938
Street and Powerlines, San Francisco, 1937
Buildings and Powerlines, San Francisco, 1930
Storefront Window, NY, 1943
Storefront, NY, 1943
Storefront, NY, 1943
Building Graffitti, NY 1945
Stairs, NY, 1943
Whelan’s Drug Store, NY, 1944
Doorway, NY, 1943
Dead Fern, California, 1935
Poplars, Saline Valley, California, 1954
Cypress, Point Lobos, 1920
Yucca, White Sands, 1947
Dune, Oceano, 1934
Dune, 1930
Dune, Oceano, 1934
Dunes and Mountains, White Sands, 1946
Dune, White Sands, 1946
Dunes, Nevada, 1953
Dune and Yucca, White Sands, New Mexico, 1946
Yucca, White Sands, 1945
Desert Landscape, Death Valley, 1948
Plant, White Sands, 1977
Rock and Tree, Death Valley, 1951
Mono Lake, California, 1955
Rock and Dead Seal, 1938
Classic Nude, 1973
Water, Trees and Rocks, High Sierra, 1977
Pines in Fog, Monterey, 1962
Rock, Water and Sand, California, 1975
Holland Canal, 1971
Junkyard, New York, 1944
Wood and Water, Oregon, 1969
Reeds, Japan, 1970
Plant, Hawaii, 1985
Plant, Hawaii, 1985
Lily Stalk, 1925
Banyan Roots, Hawaii, 1985
Tree, 1974