Not sure such list is really pertinent as old cameras are prone to failure anyway. Those reliable (or supposed to be) when new might develop unexpected weakness with years.

Praktica might be low in your list but it is the only camera I bought used which worked great right out of the package. All others need some adjustment / lube at one point (Pentax Spotmatic, several Olympus OM, Yashica TL, you name it), the worse being a Nikkormat which broke after 2 rolls... Too, my Zenit 3M worked great after I slightly adjusted the second curtain of the shutter (it was sometimes dragging).

So, my advice would be to buy whatever you like and to get it CLAed. If the job is done correctly (another variable in the equation...), you can expect to be happy for a decade. But I would not rely only on a camera reputation after all these years.

Take care.