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I hope I am posting the right question in the right section. I just got back my scans from my first medium format film. These are shot with a Yashica Mat, Kodak Portra vc400, expired 1 year ago. All the shots have a straight line on the right size. Not sure why? Trying to figuring out if it is caused by the lab or the way I loaded the film. The Yashica Mat has a gear on the up take spool and pressed against the roll as you shoot.

Here is the set of the photos. I cloned all of them out except one shot to show the location of the straight line.

Generally you need to work backwards, the printis the concert, the negative is the score.... Unless you KNOW the processor is using optical printing, they are probably scanning and printing, which means the printer could be scratching the print, or more likely the scanner isn't clean, and the line is dirt on the scanning head. This is why you need to look at the negative to see if the negative has a scratch, if it doesn't, count yourself lucky. If the negative is scratched, then either it's the processor or your camera. If it's on the back side, with 120, it's the processor. If it's on the emulsion side, get a roll of expired film, doesn't matter what, put it through the camera then unspool it and look for any scratches.