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When you say 'hand made' you're making photography sound like arts and crafts, which was partly my point. I really don't understand why people like yourself don't just take up pottery! It's an incidental part of making a photograph, which, being the most significant difference between digital and traditional photography, has become emotionally imbued for arguments sake. I'm imagining that scene from 'Ghost' (terrible film, yes) but with the couple in a darkroom, rubbing their hands all over a wet print.
It does not even have to do so much with hands as it does in not making computer aided art. If the day comes that I can no longer find the materials to produce my work other than digtal means, I would likely move onto another craft, and this is after using digital for nearly 20 years now. It's not a slam against the medium, I still use it, about to go into a meeting with a commercial client in that we will use it for an ad campaign.

The cut and dry for me personally is doing great work on film and in wet print when the rest of the world is going bonkers over something I mastered over a decade ago is just a heck of a lot of fun and seems to get nothing but positive reactions in a artsy town like where I live.

Life is too short to do what everyone else does...