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If using your hands is the criteria for art why not just pick your nose while you hit the print button on your computer.
Not sure if that's supposed to be humorous but I'll go under the assumption that it isn't.
Years ago, I was granted a private tour of the Ferrari factory in Maranello. Having owned and raced a few (not F1 of course), I could appreciate what it took to build each one of those jewels. Not surprisingly, even though many parts are obviously machine made, you'd be surprised at how much of each car is assembled by hand, with painstaking attention to every small detail. There is a separate room where about 30 older women, who have been doing their job for a while, stitching leather for seats and dashboards. Experienced, older craftsman checking all sorts of parts for tolerances, assembling each one by hand. At the time, the assembly line for the F50 was about 15 mechanics working on one single car. THIS is why a Ferrari costs what it costs and those who can afford them are happy to pay $200K and up for a jewel of machinery. An automated factory, cranking out a car that may look similar and just as fast, or even faster, is simply not the same and really not the point. People pay more and see more value in unique, hand-crafted, pieces and that's the reality of it. It has always been that way. A digital print from a digital file may look the same and with less effort but it better be one heck of an image, and a huge print, to convince anyone with money and good taste to pay up.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to picking my nose with my ink-filthy fingers, then pulling some copper plate photogravure prints off the press, which I'm selling for $1200+
That will always beat the heck out of picking my nose while pushing a button, unless of course, one is planning to make nose-picking an art form.