The amount of DAS used in the albumen coating was the same as is used for dichromate: (10g/600mlH20+egg). Its possible that a lower concentration would work as well. FYI, here's the old UltraStable process instructions for the Albumen Substratum:

"1. Take white of one egg, beat to froth and add 450 ML cold tap water. Dissolve 10 grams pot. bichromate (now DAS) in 150 ML warm water and add to egg and water. Mix well. Powdered egg albumen may be used instead of white of egg. Use 15 grams to 450 ML cold water. This solution stored in dark bottle can be used repeatedly. Refrigerate if possible.

2. PET Sheet is immersed in albumen solution approximately 1 minute, then hung to drain. It is then immersed in tray of cold water, shaken for a couple of seconds to clear off excess albumen solution, then hung to dry. Drying may be accelerated with heat. Prior to use it is exposed to strong UV source (exposure unit) for 30-60 seconds to make the thin, invisible layer of albumen insoluble. It is now ready for use and is virtually frill-proof."