The B&H order has arrived. I ordered a Tetenal kit but the box says Jobo and the info sheet is the same as the Unicolor one, so I suppose it is some generic chemistry that gets sold under different branding.

A couple of questions

1: I'm going to mix the solutions up from powder. Can I use regular plastic jugs from the B&W darkroom to mix in? I have jugs that are used for mixing Rodinal, Xtol etc and are then rinsed out. Is the colour chemistry sensitive in some way that I shouldn't mix the powder in these jugs?

2: I'll put the mixed liquid into one liter water bottles, but I think I have enough colour film stored up that I can exhaust the chemistry pretty fast. However I'll probably start with one roll of 120, then do a few 35mm, then a few sheets of 4x5 etc. Say if I use 500ml of fresh chemistry for the first roll - do I pour that used dev back into the one liter bottle so it is now a blend of used and fresh, and then pour 500ml of that back into the next tank, and so on? Likewise for blix and stabiliser. I can't see any other way it can be done.