Don't forget to ask about. Most people will have stashed em away and long since forgotten about them.
All the talk of Canonets here reminded me of the little camera my Dad had when I was a wee boy.
So today I asked him about it (from the pictures I have seen I was sure it was a Canonet), he couldn't remember anything about it. After jogging his memory a wee bit, he went 'Oh that old thing' A few minutes later, 'here, it's yours'.
I'll need to find a battery, and I've no idea if it'll work, but I should be able to get it going again.
My first rangefinder.

Max Power, very sorry to hear about the break into your house. If there is one thing I hate it's theft. Do make sure you get the house checked out for potential simple security improvements. It's particulary import if you have just been broken into, as thieves have a nasty habit of coming back to houses they know they can get into. It does appear that you have thieves with taste in your area! I thought they would have passed the Canonet by.