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if you don't mind bumping up to MF, the Kiev 88 is my nominee for the all-time suicidally-inducing fall-apart-on-opening-the-box piece of crap camera in existence.

At least the one I had, briefly, was -- it made three trips to be "fixed" in the space of a month, and the last trip was one-way after it started falling apart, quite literally, in my hands as I just worked the shutter because at that point I was afraid of the thing.

I know the Kiev 88 has its fans, and people speak highly of those models that have been "upgraded" with better parts, but I might, maybe, take one if you gave it to me, but that's it. Ukranian/Soviet quality control added to a camera design that Hasselblad abandoned because they couldn't make it work right is an evil mixture.

Other bottom line: Never buy a camera from a factory in a country where the rule of thumb is to find out what day of the week it was made because on Mondays everyone has a hangover and on Friday everyone is rushing to get out, and even those made on Wednesday are dicey, at best.

I second the comments on SLRs with between-the-lens shutters (Retina, Zeiss contaflex) -- the shutters probably worked well new, but are too complex, with too many things going on, to age well and are very expensive to have serviced.
Could not agree more, all the General Motors and General Electric stuff i have ever owned came out of such a factory...true ,