It will develop in the 3063 drum, but the paper will expand significantly as it absorbs water from the processing solutions. The paper will buckle and in some cases the baryta layer and the emulsion will crack open where the paper is sharply buckled.

The first print I tried this with in 1988 was on Ilford MG IV FB. It came out of the drum looking like the corrugated inner layer of a cardboard box due to expansion and no place for it to expand. It took a long time to flatten the heavily-weighted print so that it could be mounted. In this case the print survived. Other attempts resulted in ruined prints.

These print drums can be used to process RC papers, but really aren’t suitable for FB paper due to the fact that it attains the consistency of a cooked noodle and expands a great deal with the absorption of water.

I ran plain water with the print in the drum first to promote even development. The softening and expansion of the paper are the same with or without the presoak.