Hi Jeff,
Good Call. Hocking Hills is a wonderful place this time of year. I wish I could go, my grandson's birthday party is on Sunday, he will be 2.

If you go as far as Cedar Falls, do go to Rock House! I do not know if you have ever been there or not but besides the colors of the trees, Rock house is a wonderful cave / rock house.

Also Rock Bridge is a wonderful area. A long walk up two long hills, but if you want waterfalls, a 90+ foot natural rock span and colorful fall leaves you will want to schelp the equipment up the trail. (take water) Rock Bridge is off Rt 33 just before you get to Logan heading in from the west. Info here: http://ohiodnr.com/tabid/1692/Default.aspx

Always bring your wide angle lenses, besides your normal or tele ones. Else you will get to the Rock Bridge or Rock House and it will hit you like a rock. ( A Pun? )

Have not set a date for the Frozen Film shoot in 2013 yet at Hocking Hills. But hope to do so soon, so maybe we can go shooting yet down there.