To anyone in the area: There will be Ghost Tours around the Dejarnette Asylum/former Western State Hospital every Saturday in October 2012.

Haunts of the Dejarnette Sanatorium
Walking Ghost Tour
Presented by The Ghosts of Staunton and Black Raven Paranormal
Saturday October 20th and 27th, 4:00pm-5:30pm (dusk)
$15 adults, $10 children 6-12

Reservations are encouraged, and can be made by calling:
540-448-2743 or 540-448-1806

Just found out about this through a comment on one of my Dejarnette images on Flickr.

Original text from commenter, vasuthernboy:
I live about ten minutes from Staunton. The Dejarnette was only a childrens asylum in it's later years. It was the original Western State mental hospital and is named after it's owner. A friend of mine is heading ghost tours there which started last week and will be for the next couple of weeks on Saturdays at 4pm for a 90 minute walking tour. You can Google info on it which is how I stumbled onto to your page. Great pics by the way! The other building your talking about is now a partially finished set of condos. It was part of Western State also and was then turned into a prison. They were maxed out and it wasn't worth renovation so they built a new and bigger one. I was in parts of it before it sold and changed and new a couple of guys that were Gaurds there...they had some crazy stories!!