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So, apart from the Leica (yawn) brag, what specifically didn't you like about the Nokton?
Purely subjective but as mentioned I did not find its "signature" or "fingerprint" to my taste. Shooting 99% B&W I find subtle differences in lenses important and I'm a stickler for getting what I want as subtle, subjective and nuanced as it may be. It was sharp but just did not knock my socks off. Hard to describe and it's simply me, I know.

I have found, as mentioned, that I like good sharpness but with moderate contrast. The SC version I had seemed ok but in viewing my images from it over more than a dozen rolls and in differing subject matters and lighting I was rarely wowed by it. Again a matter of personal choice but the OP asked for opinions on this set up and I had it.

Leica brag? Why would I brag about a beat-up ugly user M3 body and an ugly Summicron? Again just sharing experience and opinion. I like a few VC lenses, got the 15mm and the 75mm and like them tons (had the 35/1.2 and sold that off too). But when it came to the reason for a stealth quiet RF to counter my Nikon SLRs and decidedly not quiet Contax G2 the VC bodies to me did not give me what I wanted vs very reasonably priced and classic Leica bodies that have well-deserved reputations.