Foturan Photosensitive Glass

Foturan is a photostructurable glass ceramic (PSGC) manufactured by Schott Glass Corp and distributed by Invenios. Foturan is used as a MEMS and MOEMS substrate. Microfabrication in Foturan is achieved through patterning by a pulsed UV laser, a follow-up heat treatment step, and chemical etching. In Foturan, the exposed areas experience a selective phase change in which the native amorphous glass phase converts to a crystalline lithium silicate phase. The degree and type of crystallization are both responsive functions of the irradiation and thermal processing procedures. Under high exposure, the crystallized areas etch up to 30 times faster than the unexposed material in HF, with the etch rate varying with irradiation dose. Because Foturan is transparent at visible through IR wavelengths, direct-write XYZ exposure with a pulsed laser can detail complex 3-D structures within the Foturan material. Devices made from Foturan may be glass, a glass-ceramic composite, or ceramic, with the final material composition depending on the irradiation and thermal processing procedures. Excellent aspect ratios (>30:1) have already been demonstrated in Foturan.

At Invenios we make 3-D MEMS structures by implementing cost-effective manufacturing solutions that produce consistent results with a resolution measured in microns.

Invenios Foturan Resource Guide: Selected Articles about Photostructurable Glass-Ceramics

2004 Direct ultrafast laser writing of buried waveguides in Foturan glass Stephen Ho and Peter R. Herman, Ya Cheng, Koji Sugioka, and Katsumi Midorikawa

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Kazuhiko Shihoyama, and Katsumi Midorikawa

2005 Holography in commercially available photoetchable glasses Michael Kösters, Hung-Te Hsieh, Demetri Psaltis, and Karsten Buse

2006 Integrating 3D photonics and microfluidics using ultrashort laser pulses Ya Cheng, Koji Sugioka, Katsumi Midorikawa, and Zhizhan Xu