[QUOTE=David Lyga;1407132]OK: I have been buying SLRs and RFs (the cheap ones) for literally decades and do minor repairs. MY EXPERIENCE has been that (E von Hoegh) Mirandas are MOSTLY good but I admit that there are some dogs, and for no apparent reason. I have always thought that their really silly advertising (essentially 'sex' ads glorifying the man/woman sexual attraction that segues into their product(?!) is what they were trying to use to sell their cameras. Compare those 1960s ads with the cool, quite, intellectual ads placed by Nikon. Advertising, more than any other factor destroyed Miranda. Who was their Madison Avenue agengy? But, no, Mirandas were generally not faulty products.

(Dali): Nikkormat was never quite the 'god' it was cracked up to be. I have had Nikkormats, Spotmatics, and SRTs get truly soaked and only the Nikkormat did not respond to drying and TLC.[QUOTE]

Thanks, I found a Miranda Fv with a 350mm Soligor tele on it, in a dumpster. Someone had done a camo paint job with acrylics on the body. The camera functions, and the shutter is accurate enough to be useable. I guess I'll get a normal lens for it and try it out.

As for the Nikkormat, it's the only one of the three you mentioned with a metal Copal square shutter. Yours behaved about as I'd expect. Mine has been as reliable as a post for the past four years I've had it, it was made about 1970.