I agree, this is a fully up to date, professional and warrantied processor that will allow a lot of control with onboard process timing and it priced to where the company can stay in business and yet people always bitch.

I am still on the fence about it but only because I have spent over 20K on LF, film paper and chemistry this year....

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The whole pricing thing makes me chuckle. People spend 3K on a car, motorcyle, or boat and it's
called a klunker, and will need another thousand in repairs in two months. People spend 2 or 3 K on
a DLSR and then it's obsolete in two years, or will be lacking some silly feature they just gotta have
next, so they shell out the money again. They spend 2K on some long telephoto lens for a vacation
and use it once. What gives? So here's a nice piece of dkrm gear with a good reputation and practical application and everyone whines. Is it really that much more than in the good ole days if
one factors in ordinary inflation? Gosh, grow up.