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"Art" or worse, "Fine Art" has long been a bullshit term that can be made to mean anything, and is
largely related to the "art of the bluff". The best thing that could ever happen to photography is if
the term "art" didn't even exist - and I'm stating that as somone whose own work is now almost
exlusively sold within that very category. For all those wannabee "artistes" out there... just put you work on the wall and shut up. I don't want to read anymore idiotic mission statements or fluff-headed New York artspeak.

We all know that this is true.

But we also have be aware that there is artistic pursuit and then there is marketing.

And to successfully achieve one, we often have to aggressively be involved in the other.

My take on the term "fine art" is that it's merely a marketing term and in that vein, I use it.

In my corner of the field there are often great marketers (bullshitters) that are mediocre photographers, and excellent photographers who are mediocre marketers.

And very often the better marketers make the most money by far and in fact many very good photographers who don't market themselves well, go out of business.