True, Blansky. Up in your part of the world some software exec decides to retire, so buys a botique winery or orchard and decides to be an art collector. So now he's got a lot of money to waste on things he couldn't afford way back when, so he buys a bunch of idiotic neo-Pop Art, like the stuff that was in vougue in the 60's or 70's when he took a college art class, and rounds this out the mix with a few vintage photographs from long-dead famous guys. ... which all informs me he doesn't have a clue what he's looking at, and is letting outside interests dictate his taste, rather than his own eyes. Conspicuous consumption, keeping up with the Jonses'. And now you've got a whole generation who can even attend some art school full time and seemingly have never even witnessed
what a good print looks like. All they know visually is how things look on an idiotic computer monitor.