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Inneresting experiment this afternoon (plant shutdown gives me lots of time).

Mounted a Fujinon 135 5.6 W lens on a Deardorff lens board. Could not focus to infinity.

Must use a recessed board or not at all. Coverage looked like it would barely handle 5x7 but not 8x10.

Anyone else with this experience and how did you solve the focus issue?

tim in san jose
I use the Fujinon SW 125 on 8x10. I crop the corners a little when printing and it works pretty well.
I'm not sure about the Deardorff, but on a "Phillips Style" camera, the back can be moved up closer to the front standard and it will focus OK. I also have the bag bellows, but since no movements are available with this lens, it is not any better than the standard bellows.