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The "Brand" 4x5 "field" camera. The thing makes an RB67 feel like a Ricoh GR1 in your hand. The handle on the rear standard gives the illusion that you could somehow hand-hold this beast. The dual-rail chassis design is also something that could get mis-aligned, and due to the fact that all the standards and the tripod mounting block are cast metal bits, if they got bent (say, you dropped it on a concrete floor while trying to mount it on your tripod) there'd be no way to accurately re-align them or to repair the camera to any degree of precision.
I have a Brand, very odd camera, bought mine at a swap meet in the 80s's I think I paid $25 for it will an old Kodak uncoated lens, held togeather by duct tape and epoxy. All alumumimum so it cannot be welded. Someone told that Brand and New View were made of alumumimu because after WWII 1000s of plans were scraped. Still in alinement and bellow are light tight. I dont need a view camera very often so I use it only when I need more movement than I have a Crown and Speed. I get good negatives, use a 152mm Kodak commerical and old BL 210.