I agree Cliveh , only the users know the value of Leica. But come , tell this to my plastic Leica Mini Zoom 35-70 Vario Elmar .
It has an excellent lens but all other things are terrible. Camera is too thick , too heavy for a plastic camera and viewfinder with rounded corners and bad plastic is terrible. Camera makes too much noise , cant focus for street and always works with the slowest speed. Its my sixth Leica and what a horrible thing. Lens and flash is top world quality but on off the camera , off the flash buttons are terrible. It sucks the battery and finding the new one is head ache.
I bought a new like FED 1G 1954 with an FED 50 mm and I will sell that Leica and buy an Summitar for 150 dollar from KEH and pain in the ass is over. Its a Leica II copy and I used 3 original Elmars and 2 Summitar , one coated and a Summicron and I found the class and bright sunlight pictures and bulb light pictures faraway more successful at SUM series , not Summilux. I saw hundred daylight Summilux pictures and No !