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That's what I do with the Fuji kit, but Fuji provides a list of 5 times (3:15, 3:18, 3:23, 3:28, 3:38) for each 20% of the developer's nominal (16 rolls/L, half that for ISO400+) capacity.
Great. i feel pretty confident about starting now. Will get into it early next week after I've done my tax. I'll use a 2 roll Paterson 600ml tank and work through some 120 from the Diana, some 45 sheets wrapped around the inside of the tank (do this all the time with B&W), and some 35mm. will keep an eye on the results and increase the time slightly if it seems necessary. The Jobo kit gives 3.5 min as the start time for dev so I should be safe to add about the same amounts of time for every 20% of capacity. Thanks for the help, Polyglot.