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I've been using my great grandfather's Weston Master for about a year now. When I first got it I compared it to my F3 and to my other unmentionable here camera and it was very close. Even though the dial is in Weston Emulsion speeds, I've enjoyed using it and have gotten used to it, and even "think" and make my notes in its units. I almost always do a "sunny 16 guess" before I meter and I'm usually within one stop and more often than not right on the money. Shady forest or evening is much harder and I'm really not very good at those situations. I almost always think there is more available light than there really is in those situations.

Well, last week the meter suddenly stopped working... everything reads really low. I shot my last roll in my 120 folder using sunny 16 as a whim, but now it's not going to be by choice until I get a new meter or fix this one. Honestly, I'd be happier if my meter was still working. It has real sentimental value too... there's a sort of continuity to using a meter that was given to my dad by his grandfather.

But I'm certainly not planning to stop just because I don't have a meter. I never had one when I was a teenager, and even though I worried about exposure a lot back then, most of my photos came out OK.

The difference between then and now is that now I can actually afford to buy a meter if I want one. So I'll just be grateful for that option and keep on having fun!

Unmentionable camera.....? Hahahaha... Is this serious? I thought Canon and Nikon would have this silly rivalry. Here, I said it. I have a Canon 30D as a backup body. My main body is a Canon 1d markIII with over $5k of lenses. I shoot paid gigs with my DSLR. In other times, I shoot with my medium format film body. Yashica Mat and soon to have Mamiya C330f.