hi there, just did a web search for POINT LIGHT in Sydney (it's a gallery, film + print teaching, basically a fine art space) and the first thing that came up was pointlight workshop.com, so I click it and the web page says" we have moved, changed name, changed location bla bla bla. Then it has a link to another photo place in Sydney. Now I know Mr. Undy and we last spoke just a few moons back and he mentioned nothing about moving etc. So I did another search with "Gallery" added and sure enough there was the ORIGINAL point light web site.

My q is, how the heck can someone use another persons name, reputation and their freaking website (with a misleading addition, ie workshops)? I shall name no names, as folks interested can find out themselves, but i sent an email to the listed e-address on the misleading web page and expressed my concerns. WTF has happened to morals in photography? We are a small community and should be helping each other (as most of us do!), not trying to rip off another persons life work and business.

I hope any one here who feels this is wrong can also send an email to this "impostor" and express there views.

Rant over & out

ya gotta love it