Hello Lee,

7dayshop.com sell Panasonic PR675H, 6 batteries for 2.99
Shame I just did my 7dayshop order the other week. Can you buy these batteries at chemists (drug stores) ? Is that the right one?

I use two EOS30 series cameras at the moment. The auto-focus is very similar to the 20D. It's very accurate. However I don't tend to use the servo/predictive mode, and it is difficult to predict the movement football players. I use it 99% of the time in single shot mode, sometimes switching it off once I have focus. It is pin point accurate. Sometimes I think auto-focus is miss-named, to get good results the user must tell the camera exactly where to focus. Often for sports where you can predict the direction of movement it's best to focus on a fixed point (just like you would do with manual), frame and wait. Some might say that in that situation auto-focus offers no advantge, but if you pick your point carefully and get focus confirmation, you know it's focused exactly on that spot, there's no guess work. Having said that some folks are amazingly tallented manual focusers, just I'm not.
The auto-focus also works well in low light if you have a fast(ish) lens, it allows me to focus with precision when I'd be guessing with manual focus.

I quite fancy giving the Canonet a whirl. I figure if I shoot 400asa focus shouldn't be too critical. Are there any hyper-focal markings? I can pretty much see how most of it works, but I'm puzzeled by some of the markings.
Also people should pay less attention to it than an SLR, that's the real big appeal for me. Even raising a small SLR to ones eyes seems to set off alarm bells wherever you point it.

Anyway once I have a battery I'll see if she will fire the shutter. I'm probably enquire at the old school camera shop Quiggs in Glasgow about getting her serviced. I belive there's a chap in Glasgow they use who is a dab hand with older cameras and hopefully reasonably priced. It seems a shame not to use such a lovely old camera.

Thank-you for the battery tip.