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Raphael - one thing i forgot to tell you that you should check is the voltage on the battery on the upper and lower boards. There is a battery that at one point can die, and can cause errors through out. It is hard soldered to the board so you will have to volt meter it there, and perhaps find an alternative replacement if it is bad.
Thanks for the information ! In fact, I already done this, is you look at the whole CPU board image above, you will see an empty place at the center : the PCB mounted NiCad battery was here. As it was dead when I got the processor, I unsoldered it and replaced it with a wireless home phone battery, of the same voltage, but with a different form factor, so I sticked it on the PCB other side.

Maybe it was a part of the problem anyway : the old battery leaked, and tracks and components pins around was obviously corroded. I thorougly cleaned the corroded areas and re-soldered some points.
For the moment, changing the NE556 eases the things well : the Jobo is up and running again. However, because it's a random problem, I am not sure to have completely solved it.

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