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Being of a certain age, I often upload my photographs to Facebook and I'll admit, it's all about shameless validation. Today I uploaded an image (linked below) and a friend made an edit, uploaded and tagged me in it. I could see the humour in what he did, but the 'maker' got a little sensitive. He superimposed my face above the hedge in the picture, implying I'm a peeping Tom. I played along in the comments, but untagged myself as not to ruin my credibility as a 'serious artist'. Silly, I know, but I'm sure you can understand that I didn't want anyone else to see his edit after I'd uploaded the original.


I've been taking my photography very seriously for a while now, perhaps too seriously, as this Facebook thing suggests. I recall something photographer David Ward wrote about an incident with one of his images - an art buyer quipped upon seeing his photograph "oh look, a turd on the beach" (picture in question - http://bp3.blogger.com/_aXtCQUvQNns/...lbeg+beach.jpg)

Has anybody else had nasty remarks or backhanded compliments about pictures you've presented? Particularly images you're proud of? Do you shrug it off or cry a little inside?
Remark from Photo teacher to me: "If you're going to grow as an artist you have to put your work out there. If you do that it helps to have a thick skin." As for FB, the next time you're "there" look around. Your answer is evident.