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The light meters in digital cameras are designed for that cameras individual sensor not film , so I.S.O 100 on a digital camera isn't the same as 100 I.S.O on a hand held separate light meter and film which is why the readings don't agree, if you want to use a reflected/incidental hand held meter use film.
That maybe true but the thing is that I was using the light meter on my 30D to shoot my first roll. I didn't have a light meter with me that time. The shots turned out OK. "http://www.flickr.com/photos/vracing/sets/72157631785544025/" Removed the quotes. Yeah, another way to meter is to turn the meter facing the sun and take an incident reading. This obviously would require me to walk maybe 200 ft to get into an open area. This may or may not be possible in real life of course.