Has anybody else had nasty remarks about pictures you've presented? Particularly images you're proud of. Do you take it as a hard lesson, allowing it to influence the kind of pictures you make or simply shrug it off?
I haven't really had nasty remarks, but my mom looked at a bunch of my photos (mostly hand colored flowers and landscapes) and said, "I guess I just really don't know what you're going for." She also commented once that she thought I was more interested in the process of photography than the composition of the shots. I think criticism is taken more harshly when it comes from people from whom you expect nice things. When I post here, I expect whatever others see - I'm not looking for just reinforcement. From a family member or close friend, I sorta expect more niceties.
In your case, your friend probably thought he was being funny and had the shield of the computer to protect him from your feelings.