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Well, as long as users do not give out misinformation about digital photography. I mean, how silly is that to say that the each DSLR unit has its own ISO standard and one can't not cross reference check with another body or with another film body or with another light meter???? Or shooting with DSLR means you are shooting jpeg. Have people knowing anything about shooting in RAW??? I am currently in that sort of discussion right now. My eyes are rolling right now.
The ISO "speed" specification for digital is different than the ISO "speed" specification for film, because the behaviour of digital sensors is different than the behaviour of film.

In particular the contrast behaviours are different, and contrast is one of the criteria involved in determining the ISO (at least for film).

You will need to individually calibrate the readings from a digital camera to your film workflow in order to determine your own personal "EI" for the combination you are using. Not for the faint of heart if you are new to film.

The readings given by a DSLR are not irrelevant, but they are designed for different purposes.

And while there are film-centric discussions somewhat analogous to the "RAW vs. JPEG" discussion (developer choice?) neither discussion has much to do with the role of the two different ISO specifications in your photography.