Thanks for all the info Lee!

I'll see if I can pick up a battery on Monday from the local chemist.
We've got o-ring kits at work, so I should be able to make one up OK.
Now that Konica looks nice, so with a 24mm lens I would be capturing round about the full-viewfinder, that sounds workable. I could always think about the Bessa with the 35mm finder and just accept that 28mm would be as wide as I went. I do like 24mm lenses though. With 24's and 28's and fast film it's easy to pre-set the focus, so focus shouldn't be a problem.

That Zeiss looks lovely, wonder what the price will be though.

Thanks for all that, you've cleared up a few rangefinders points that were puzzling me. Cheers.

I have to say I love auto-focus. With wide angle lenses you don't really need it that much, but with standard or longer lenses it's a real boon, and it's pin point accurate. Oh one thing that does bug me is the EF lenses don't have as good hyper-focal markings as the old FD lenses. Now from 35mm and up I don't really care that much. But I bought a EF24L and the markings are rather poor. Auto-focus is almost pointless on a 24mm, whereas good lens markings almost priceless.
I don't know much about shooting football, I don't know what techniques people will use when shooting such sports, you'll have a much better idea than I. Auto-focus can accurately follow/predict the momement of objects moving towards or away from you, but only if their movement is linear (for want of a better word). With football the guys are all over the place, so I've no idea how the sports guys operate their auto-focus in these situtions. Auto-focus is brilliant, but at the same time it won't perfrom miracles.

Anyway I'll get that Canonet going, get her a service hopefully and have a bash. Such a lovely wee camera I've got to give her a whirl.