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I think this pro and amateur argument exists on every field in pretty much the same fashion.

Professional construction contractor vs handy-man vs DIYer
Seasoned IT professional vs college/high school kid who are into computers
Wedding photographer vs weekend wonders vs friend with a camera
Medical doctors vs patient who read up on internet postings/sites

I used to tell junior people at my work (IT) the difference between pro and amateur is that pros know what NOT to do - that knows the limitation of his/her own skills where as inexperienced goes boldly into unknown territory (and often do so unknowingly) and hurt themselves or client.

Now a days, everybody is claiming titles in unregulated fields. Expectation seems to be lower too. Kind of scary me thinks...
You and the last poster keep missing the point. It's not the competition, it's the interference while working.

And the myth of the amateur happening to get a great shot, while the pro screwed up is funny.

If whomever hired the photographer in the first place didn't hire someone good then they have themselves to blame if the wedding pictures suck.

And a pro wedding photographer needs to be checked out to see if he really is a pro and not a weekender.