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I was just trying to get a laugh. My own experience using Minolta IIIa with both features, is to use
10% spot reflective when the shot is in the distance and once in a while to use incident if I'm in the same light as the subject and fairly close. The meter allow me to average three readings. I also braket 1 stop. Of course, I only use this method when shooting film. I wouldn't want anyone in the forum from getting upset.

A 10% spot-reflective? What is this referring to? I've only ever known 1% to 3% spot.

Reala can easily handle 3.5 stops under and over. I would not get all hot and bothered about manually metering it. Very, very different and critical story if you migrate to transparency.

IGNORE what a digital camera tells you; the metering technology does not permit accurate parallels with e.g. analogue (film) use. Worse still is people relying on the histogram as an indicator of brightness range. Chuck it out, all of it, and learn metering basics first.