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Jon, how about a couple pictures of the camera, not that need another whole plate. Btw got the 2D cleaned up and started shooting with it, hope to process my first batch of film this weekend.

That's great Roger. Look forward to seeing your results. I still have 3 whole plate cameras and find it a very pleasing film size. Although I have a few boxes of whole plate size film, I think the X-Ray film is a very promising option too given its inexpensive price.

I am attaching a few pictures of this old, but restorable Whole Plate Eastman View Camera. As one can see, it goes not have the gg nor is there a rear rail with it. There is small chip of wood missing on the rear standard.

$100 plus shipping/insurance and paypal fees if paid for in that manner.

There are also the Whole Plate holders listed for sale.