I'm glad I kept mine. I got mine new back in the day, had an issue fairly quickly, repaired under warranty, then meter went out, (but otherwise camera functioned), Fixed, Battery died, rebuilt it with Ni-Mh cells (2x). Lenses cleaned a few times. I'm happy it works now, the 2nd re-cell brought it to a good state. I use a polaroid back with mine. Used to grind thru the rolls of E-6 shooting bikinis. You can see some shots done with the 6008i at
Yes, sometimes they are fussy.
When they work they work exceedingly well: Great glass, held accurately by a good transport, great meter, easy and fast loading (I know, words not usually associated with any 120 size film), fast motor, fast shutter response, bright finder, easy and fast mirror lock up, vibration-less shutter, 1/1000 flash sync is pretty nice. I really have enjoyed shooting mine, and when it didn't work I was kinda bummed.