I understand about the pricing Drew, but there are some other factors.

I could buy one of these CPP3s if I wanted one badly enough. The thing is, I have a CPE2 that does the job. If I didn't I could buy one for a few hundred dollars, or a used CPA2 or CPP2, though admittedly the price of a very good condition CPP/CPA with the late model motor would starts to make the new one with new features and warranty fairly attractive. But if I didn't have a Jobo I could develop my roll film in inversion tanks like I used to, and still do for Diafine, and my sheet film in my hangars and deep tanks or in trays. I don't really need one of these. They're nice, but not necessary. They make good results easier but if you go to the trouble to do it right no one would be able to tell your prints from negatives (or prints if so inclined) processed in one of these from those done using much simpler and cheaper methods. This thing is a luxury for most of us. If I needed it to do my work, I would buy one. But I don't. So it's a question of whether the added convenience is worth the price, and it's a high price considering.