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Wow, I believe most of the U.S. pay about $.08 per Kwh.
I have my bill right here. Last month I used 840 kWh. My total bill was $111.06 for a total cost of $0.13/ kWh. But that's not the whole story. My bill includes fees for "Environmental Compliance Cost" ($5.97) and "Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery" ($3.84) and "Municipal Franchise Fee" ($1.12) that don't vary no matter how much or little I use, plus sales tax of $6.29. Even the $0.13 is less than half the cost of Fabrizio's electricity if the dollar were equal to the Euro, which it hasn't been in some time. At current exchange rates his cost is more like $0.36 per kWh. Wow is right! Almost three times what I pay, and my rate is, according to the poster I'm replying to anyway, over 50% over the US average (I really have no idea what the US average is.)

My gas bill says I pay $0.899 per therm. I don't know how that compares to Mcalories.

But it's pretty clear that I can dismiss the cost of heating the Jobo as trivial, while our European friends might not want to dismiss it.