Greetings all, This week I've mostly been trying to re-jig my darkroom by building a print washer stand. I've had the washer set up in the bath before which is a PITA. What with having take dripping prints from the darkroom to the bathroom and having to remove the washer whenever anyone wants a scrub. Woe!

So far I've built a very sturdy shelf. My concern is that the shelf is completely level. It doesn't slope towards the sink for drainage. This is problematic as my print washer leaks albeit at a very slow rate. I've used acrylic glue to seal it as best I can. However, the leak persists. Ideally the shelf will be enclosed on three sides and waterproofed with yacht varnish.

Any ideas how I could alter the construction so it has a slight gradient towards the sink? Is a sloping surface that necessary if the shelf is enclosed and waterproof? The print washer outlet pours directly into my main sink.