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That is a lot more reasonable of a price than some people (who never report the price) lead us to believe. Thanks for sharing all of the information!
Brian, here's two repair estimates I got from Harry last March for my 2.8E and 3.5E Planars. I had him complete both and they are a dream to use now. The 2.8E was a real beater I bought from a small shop in a Beijing alley and it was a real mess and as can be seen needed a lot of work (I got it real cheap!). I had another person do a simple and "reasonably priced" CLA on it a few years back. It helped but later the hood fell apart and more issues arose as can be seen there was way more issues. The 3.5E was in good shape. I bought it from Randy of Holgamods a few years ago. The pin of the film advance crank fell out and got lost. And as can be seen I had Harry install a new Maxwell screen so that added $199 to that estimate:

Received: Rolleiflex 2.8E w/case.

Defects on receipt: hood parts loose, focus knob & front panel & lens mount have paint damage, scratches front & rear surfaces taking lens, film feeler roller rusted, release lock & sync lock levers are missing, front tilted & out of alignment, back bent.

Service required: repair hood $49.00, shutter overhaul $134.00, transport overhaul (stiff) $134.00, straighten back $24.00, replace release lock & sync lock levers $39.00, replace back lock pin $22.00, replace rusted film feeler roller $29.00, repair focusing, re-align, collimate & adjust focus $110.00, repair depth of field scale (sluggish) $49.00, replace missing & damaged leather $29.00, CA tax on parts $8.63, UPS shipping $27.00, total is $654.63 invoice #20106.

Received: Rolleiflex 3.5E with no accessories.

Defects on receipt: front foot bent, dent on top of hood strapholder- back latch damaged.

Service required: straighten bent foot $16.00, shutter overhaul $134.00, transport overhaul $134.00, secure tripod mount plate $16.00, install Maxwell #1 screen $199.00 + $10.00 labor, replace strapholder $39.00, CA tax on parts $17.26, UPS shipping $27.00, total is $592.26 invoice #20107.