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I wouldn't sign it!

It gives rights to the photographer for any pictures that they might take in the future and to use them in any way they whatsoever. If I was a professional model I would want some protection of my reputation.
I agree. I think that there should be a line that says something like "photograph(s) taken on [such a date]" or "photograph(s)taken between [such a date] and [such a date]."
(Leaving a large enough blank like to write in whatever dates are needed.)

I would also put down how much the photographer paid the person.

The point for any contract should be to make a document that both parties can use as a reference so that they know "who" is responsible for "what" and "when."
Should either party have a question, they have something to refer to.

Contracts are meant to keep people OUT OF trouble but so many people seem to use contracts as if they were setting a trap for somebody.