It's the chief reason I have a Contax 35mm system; not because I need it, but because it is one of the best, and the assorted parts I have so far accumulated were available and affordable. (Two points against my ever acquiring a Leica R system, by the way.)

I like to play with b&w processing; instead of using whatever plastic bottle is available, I have a set of one liter pyrex lab bottles. The indulgence wasn't at all necessary, but I could, so I did. (The square bottles are easier to hold than the round ones, by the way.)

Years ago I played a Yamaha trumpet in college; when it was time to replace it, I chose a top-of-the-line Schilke, an instrument I could barely afford. But it had better playing characteristics than a Strad 37 (the industry standard at the time) so I allowed myself the indulgence. And it's been worth it.