There is precision equipment and then there are "mechanical objects". While I deeply appreciate fine engineering and fine design --- I am an adherent to design elegance, and worked for Apple for some time back in the cube days--- I really enjoy mechanical objects seeing them as a means to an end rather than the final product.

What this means is that I would rather buy 5 cameras for 5 bucks each rather than a 5000 dollar camera, knowing that I am going to be mixing and matching parts and drilling new holes and by the time I am done, who knows what I will have built. With a 5000 dollar camera you don't want to scratch it, with a 5 dollar camera you want to know how it works.

We live in a perfect time-- I am able to buy what just a few years ago would have been thousands of dollars of equipment for pennies. This makes it easy to want to dig into it. I have boxes of enlarger parts for that I mix and match and build with-- 20 years ago no one had boxes of enlarger parts because they were very expensive "precision" machines. -- Now I think nothing of drilling a couple holes in something that 20 years ago would have caused multiple heart attacks if other photographers saw what I was doing.