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I get where you are coming from..... Precision made equipment of any sort has an allure, or attractiveness that is not always explainable. I find that a lot of it comes down to how tactile the 'thing' or object is, how it feels in your hands, function, form and all that. Well made things usually have great design, heft, feel, and importantly forgiveness, they are not harsh, or garish in either looks, sounds, or feel. How all of that comes together evokes the emotional response we have with well made devices. While some may view them as tools, others may view them as art in and of themselves. I have had my fair share of nice 'stuff' in my journey so far, and likely bled more than i needed to instead of bleeding once. So sometimes it pays to eat the cost of a nicer, higher quality 'thing' than to have a few cracks at finding something cheaper... But its the journey right, and we never stop learning. If it floats ya boat, and you can afford the scratch, then why not. Regardless of whatever it is, do what feels right.
Thanks Andrew, I'm a little nearer to ordering that Orvis fishing rod.